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History of Fairplay Horse and Mule

We started Fairplay Horse & Mule, Inc. because we saw a need for good horses at reasonable prices.  There was a lack of honesty in the horse world.  We are very honest about our horses and it has paid off with lots of repeat business and word of mouth advertising. 

More about Lynn and how she got her start in the horse business:

Lynn was born and raised in Douglas County. She started out riding with her parents on their farm as a small child. Then learned "the horse business" and a tremendous amount about human and equine nature from one of the greatest horsemen of all times, Mr. Mac Abercrombie. She had her first paying job exercising, training, and assisting customers with finding the right horse at  Mr. Mac's stable over 30 yrs ago. 

As a young adult, she continued her love of horses and obtained a nursing degree from the UWG. After nearly 20 yrs in the medical field, Lynn decided to start her family and returned full time to the horse business. She started Fairplay Horse and Mule with the support and encouragement of her husband, Mike O'Hara.  She has been blessed with 2 sons, Reuben and Riley.

Lynn has competed in AQHA, APHA, and local organizations. Also, in competitive trail riding with ESTRA. She has started many kids on the road to excelling in equine related occupations and hobbies.     She enjoys teaching all ages.  She wishes to instill in her students, customers,  and their horses a life long love and respect . She believes riding should be fun and enjoyable.

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 Policies and Frequently Asked Questions



Fairplay Horse offers a variety of boarding to suit your needs. We have full, partial, and pasture boarding available.  Arena and round pen use included in all boarding. Discounts available for multiple horses.

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Care of the horses while at Fairplay Horse

 We feed our own blend of feed that we developed in 1998. We have found it works on all ages of horses. It is a 12 %  protein with a high fat content. It has rice bran, vegetable oil, yeast, extra mineral and vitamins added.  They can are allowed to free free on a good quality fescue mix hay. New horses are wormed on arrival and every 30 days afterwards. We ask that all horses be kept current on vaccinations.  Our farrier is out at least one a week. We use Dr. Jason McClendon as our vet and will notify our boarders when he is scheduled so that they may split a trip fee. 


Consignment Information: 

 Requirements: Current negative coggins test. Current vaccinations including encephalitis and tetanus (3 in 1) and we recommend strangles vaccines. Fees: Only upfront fee is one months board (250.00) this is prorated if sold in less than a month.  If they do not sell by the end of this month, another board payment must be made. Then 20 % commission and 75.00 consignment. The consignment fee covers photos, videos, and on line advertisement. The policies of Fairplay Horse and Mule,Inc. apply to consigned animals the same as other horses we offer for sale, including trial period and deposit policies. Most of our horses sell in a week to 60 days. We will not consign horses that we feel are unsafe.  Fairplay Horse would like to  received documentation of vaccination records and neg coggins prior to the arrival of consigned horses.

Deposit Information:

We require 15.00/day deposit to hold a horse or pony on the premises. This is applied to the purchase price. Deposits are non transferable except as noted. No board is charged for up to 1 week then the standard board rate of 250.00 per month applies. Board will be prorated when the horse is picked up. If a decision is made not to purchase the horse or pony that was placed on hold, this amount is forfeited and any left over funds are refunded.



Directions from the Atlanta area: Take I-20 west to exit 30 (Post Rd). Take a left onto Post Rd and go 6.5 miles to the 4-way stop. Take a right at the 4-way onto Hwy 166. We are .5 miles down on the right. Sign beside the road. You are welcome to call for directions from other areas. Mapquest (www.mapquest.com ) is also available. We are a known location on there site.


We can accept payments. We prefer payments not to extend past 4 months. The horse must remain boarded at Fairplay Horse until paid in full. Board and any other expenses (in example but not limited to shoes, vet charges, training, ect.) acquired while the payments are being made are the responsibility of the buyer.  If the buyer defaults, any monies paid in are forfeited.

Photos and Videos:

 All videos and photos produced by Fairplay Horse are property of Fairplay Horse and can not be reproduced without written consent.

Hours of Operation:

We are open on Sat (9 am until 3 pm) and during the week by appointment. Later times on Sat can usually be arranged. We are closed on the 3rd Sat (March through Oct) for our Fairplay Horse Fun shows. Please join us. We have a great time! We do not show horses during inclement weather.


We accept cash, checks, and credit cards (at this time these are accepted through paypal). We do have payment plans available. We do not charge any interest but the horses/ponies must remain boarded her until paid for.


We do accept trades on most of the horses offered for sale. Please understand that we can not tell you how much we can allow until we see the horse in person. Also, we have to take into consideration what expenses we will have in the horse that is being traded  before he sells. We can also accept trailer, tack, ect. in trade.

If you bring a horse onto Fairplay Horse and Mule's property and he sells to one of our customers here before  consignment then Fairplay Horse and Mule is to received a 20% commission.


We have several folks that we recommend for local and long distance transports. Will be happy to help you set up delivery of your new horse or pony.

Trial Period Information:

Our trial periods are for 7 days and work as follows. We will hold a check for the full amount. You can take them home have them vetted if you would like and try them at your facility. If you wish to purchase them just give us a call and we will deposit your check and send a bill of sale. If the 7 day period is up and we haven't heard from you, we will deposit your check and send you a bill of sale. If you decide not to purchase, return the horse before 5 pm on the 7th day and pay a 30.00/day or a minimal of 100.00 trial fee and pick up your check. Minimal trial period fee is 100.00 to prevent horses being taken on trial for "a day's riding." This amount covers us for the horse being unavailable to other potential customers and is less than you can rent one for. We ask that you not alter the mane, tail, or forelock until a definite decision to purchase has been made. We ask your consideration in not running excessively or jumping higher than 2'3" until a decision is made to purchase. We sell over 90% of the horses we send out on trial. Trial periods are not automatic with each purchase. We reserve the right to refuse trial periods on any horses as we deem necessary inconsideration of the best interest of our horses. If you are interested in the optional trial period just us know when you have decided which horse you would like to purchase.


 We try our best to give you an honest impression of the horses we have for sale. Most are made without any additional practice with the horses on the different courses. If you see one without trailer loading included, it most likely is because there wasn't a trailer available to load them in at the time the video was made. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Where Do Our Horses Come From

This is a frequently asked question. Most come from the same supplier that we have used for many years but some do occasionally come from different sources.  Some are consigned.  Most are from the West and Mid-west states. We tend to find the better quality we are looking for there.  Some are purchased outright from individuals. We spend a lot of time and drive many miles in our effort to find quality horses that our customers are looking for. We don't  buy at auctions as most of the folks use an auction to liquate horses that they couldn't sell elsewhere and are getting rid of problem horses.

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