Christmas Camp 2008 Lots of Learning, playing, working, making memories! Click here for more camp photos!



                                                        Christmas Vacation 2008


Click here for a video of Reuben singing an

original tune he created! Future Star?

We think so!


Dominic, Xavier, Reuben, and Riley


The Jamerson Boys!



                      Some of our Fairplay Gang having a

                   wonderful time at McIntosh Reserve!         














                                          Reuben & Will










Tabitha and Alyssa didn't know Brewster

wasn't saddle broke but apparently he didn't mind !                      




         Congratulations to Lily and Kim on a beautiful little filly!



                                   Kim having fun!       




                                 Amanda goofing off!



          Patty Calhoun on Nadie,  an adorable little app she broke and trained.  



                 Mickie enjoying a ride on Dixie                       


   Reuben and Dixie                                                  


                Some good friends, Patty and Pat,

               enjoying the wonderful spring weather!


                            Fairplay kids relaxing!

              Tabitha, Alyssa, Brittany, and Will




                                                Will on Jazzi


                             The Hertzog's Kids



                                Mike is still a kid at heart!



                 "Dad, Can I borrow the car?"




                      Mr. Jack and Gayle


                     Having Fun!


                                   Retirement toy for Mike!


                                    Knick Knack  

                  Our Fairplay mascot relaxing on her throne.  


      Lynn's Pride and Joy!                                                                  


                    Little Joe and Reuben

          Blue Ribbons and Kisses!



                               Domanick and Special

Lily taking care of some Fairplay kids!

(Domanick, Will, and Xavier)                           



                         Susan on Trixie



            Shana and Jerry  


           The Hertzog Girls and a brand new foal!

                         (He's just sleeping )



                                   Kelsey and Melanie         



                          Susan Dickerson


                                 Reuben and Eric


                                Rhonda Brown    


                          Anna and Sweatpea

         Congratulations! Took a 1st, 3rd, and 4th

                         at their first show!


              Buddy and goat baby  







                 Dr. Kathy Harvey



              Eddie and Cal





                  Calvin and Jerry

     Jerry and the boys enjoying

           a ride with Dodger





               Riley (aka Tadpole) and Dexter





                                       Newest little cowboy: Jacob

                        Reuben and Gracie...Too Cute!!!






   Fairplay: Hard work and long days!

   You've gotta love it!

  Rayeanne, Lynn, and Dexter



                           Lynn and Lucky



                    Three of our little cowgirls!

                    Jenna, Megan, and Allie.




 Dr. Kathy Harvey (A good friend and an excellent vet)

                 having a talk with Happy's First!                       





                   Meet Gracie

   Our Littlest Cowgirl



           Buck Whitehead  

One of our favorite antiques!


                   Lauren and Rayeanne





     Some of the gang telling tall tales!  



                       Reuben and Trixie

         Reuben and Trixie



              Reuben and Aleah Cruising!


              TJ and Checkers



                             Tanya and Mo


                             Just Chillin!





             Lauren and Taff


         Summer Time Fun!


  What! That doesn't have 4 legs and a tail!                               


                        Stephanie and Carrie

       Tadpole and Sugie

     Tad came up with the quote of the year:

      "WHOA! This ain't no rodeo!"


     Stephanie riding a big one!



                                          Reuben and Sugar                                      


  Stephanie on the phone

     acting just like mom!


                                     Nathan and Amigo


      Johanna and Kool



                        Tadpole and Sugie


 Jenny and Princess                



          Carrie and Dune

 Reuben and his best friend, Sugar                             



  Our newest addition to the

           Fairplay Family!

     Lauren and Money    



Stephanie and Diablo....Love at 1st ride!



Our boys, Reuben and Riley,

 with a weimaraner pup

Stephanie with Reuben.

Time for a father/son talk... 

 Stephanie, Tiffany, and Kelsey @ Possum Snout Show

Lynn and the boys on Dolly

Thanksgiving, 2002 Helping Daddy cook apple pies!



Scene from the Annual Fairplay Horse

Miniature Horse Rodeo & Round Up




Roxy with her first horse!


Persephone and Sage


Faith and Cheyenne










The Lau Family newest addition!


Another Fairplay Girl !


Tadpole's 3rd Birthday Party!

Heaven on Earth at the new Whitesburg Property!



Reuben's 4th Birthday Party!


                                                                                                             Ride'm Cowboys!


Reuben and Buddy

    Tadpole   Tractor Race 2003                            
                      Reuben   Tractor Race 2003                              

            Hank and Shelby! Grand Champions!



             Rachel and Tadpole on Bailey



                          Russel on Night Hawk


Kelsey and Stephanie!  Congratulations on making it to state!

 We're very proud of all of you!   


     Carrie          Tiffany       Stephanie     Kelsey         Persephonie                                                              


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